"When a person has someone they care about that much, giving their life is sometimes the least they can do. And maybe that’s what makes us human."
                              — Vincent Valentine

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Now I’ve returned to Heaven, won't you come visit me, Hyuuga?

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Even if you turned into bones, or skin, Aya-tan is still Aya-tan so I don't really care about it.
gefunden // never be separated

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Even if you kill me with this sword, I will never betray you...

.At the Crossroad" by notakamisama & missanimefan
. High School AU Concept Art
. Warning: Slight Yaoi
Read from right to left
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Hyuuga & Ayanami are Teito’s teachers. For some reasons, Teito has to live with his uncle Ayanami. And soon he finds out things…


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You’re here. That’s all I need to know.
And you will keep me safe
And you will keep me close...
Happy late birthday to Hyuuga~ || Gefunden
If it comes to that, then I'll fall with you...

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Even if saving you sends me to heaven...